Our First Review!

Someone eloquently wrote about 'Nothing Really Happens'...and the verdict is:



JK.....it's a very positive review of our little movie from BFI's Sight&Sound Magazine!!! We ended up being the favorite of the fest to one person...we'll see how we fare at Sci-Fi London this week. Cheers!

“Oh, you’re at a crossroads,” says store clerk Behth (Anna Tran) in my favourite film from this year’s SCI-FI-LONDON. Behth is expertly diagnosing the condition of her customer, mattress store owner Dave Stimple (Adam Edwards), as he purchases his first-ever packet of cigarettes at the age of 30. Dave is clearly undergoing an identity breakdown, and looking for change. “I’ve been a passenger to my life,” he complains, as he struggles to rekindle his long-stagnant relationship with wife Jess (Lindsay Gustin), and to be understood – or even just noticed – by anybody else. Dave’s every conversation – with his weird brother-in-law Carl (Joseph Gaham), with neighbour Randy (Bobby Dornbos), with employee Miguel (Sami Ismail) and with Behth – seems to involve a profound lack of connection. 

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