Hello everyone...just wanted to let you know, before Hurricane Harvey began wreaking havoc on Houston, we were able setup our website ( and get our first three submissions out the door as the heavy rains were starting to come in last friday. So we will see how we fair with Sundance/Slamdance/SXSW when the time comes. 

But in the real world, a lot of people are suffering in our city and the response we've seen thus far has been amazing/very emotional. We've already done a bit of volunteering and donating between several members of the crew from the movie, and I will just echo what you have probably already heard...just, keep it up as with tragedies like this, there is an initial fervor to help, and then we grow accustomed to it, and not as many people are willing to put in the time/energy/money to help people. But Houston and the south east regions will take a long time to recover and get people back into their homes/back to their lives.


I know my anxiety is just now getting back to a normal level, and I didn't receive any damage or flooding...I can only imagine what it would be like in one of the many shelters, packed with people feeling absolutely crushed by all this. Just continue to do what you can into the next weeks or months as we put the pieces back together, collectively.


#houstonstrong y'all


-NRH Team

Nothing Really Happens is Happening

With funds you provided us from the indie gogo campaign in June, we were able to put on a second (Test) Screening for the movie last week. After our initial screening we shaved off about 4 minutes of the film, and I think everyone agreed it's feeling much tighter!

After last weeks test screening, we are now making some final changes to the film and then will be doing some final polish, and then we will be sending the film off to our first big festival entries with SXSW, Slamdance, and Sundance!

We know these are long shots for our little movie, but sometimes you gotta swing for the fences!

Thanks again to everyone, and we will keep ya posted as we ride this thing on what we hope will be a successful journey of cinema.